1. NotAJediOrSith

    Is Cocaethylene Really All That Bad?

    If the most prominent distinction between cocaine and its metabolite cocaethylene is the metabolite is more cardiotoxic what does that mean to the abuser? First, we need to understand what makes cocaine a cardiotoxin and what that does to your body. The neurotransmitters that cocaine has the...
  2. NotAJediOrSith

    The Metabolic Process Of Cocaethylene

    When cocaine and ethanol coexist in one's blood a unique chemical reaction occurs in the liver. When both substances are metabolized it produces a byproduct called cocaethylene (ethylbenzoylecgonine). When cocaine is ingested and reaches the liver it needs to metabolize. A special enzyme in the...
  3. NotAJediOrSith


    Alcopop is an alcoholic beverage with relatively low alcohol content in comparison to beer, liquor and wine. In the United States they are most commonly known as a wine cooler. Alcohol by volume content ranges from 3-7% on average.