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  2. Spirituality, religion and addiction

    Spirituality, religion and addiction

    Before I get into this subject, I need to first clarify something. Some people draw a distinction between spirituality and religion, others see them as the same thing, and others still do not believe in either concept. Throughout this article when I refer to spirituality I am talking about what...
  3. Addiction - the scientific approach

    Addiction - the scientific approach

    I would like to share with you with the results of a very viral survey that I found in the internet. It is no scientific study but still, I think it is worth discussing. The question of this survey was simple: Is addiction a mental disorder or a disease? The results are as follows and I find...
  4. Addiction, mental disorder and families

    Addiction, mental disorder and families

    In the past, substance use disorders have been considered a reflection of the sufferers’ lack of willpower (Vaughn & Perron, 2012). This assessment does not represent the complete picture however. Approximately 50% of sufferers of severe mental disorders experience problems with substance use...
  5. Tobacco/ Nicotine Addiction

    Tobacco/ Nicotine Addiction

    Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man, and tobacco is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. However, if someone has come to the decision to try and quit, there are many kinds of assistance available. This article seeks to explore those ways and give a...
  6. A how-to guide to opiate detoxification.

    A how-to guide to opiate detoxification.

    Introduction Although there are many different opiates and opioids (I shall abuse notation and lump them together under the single term opiates), all can lead to addiction and dependence. I shall discuss in this post the most common methods used to come off these drugs, and outline some...