If you have clear answers to these questions then skip this section. Otherwise, seriously addressing these issues can make a huge difference to your chance of success.

There is no getting over the fact that
a) state of mind is of paramount importance; far more so than the actual method of detox used and b) chances are you will be stretched close to breaking point unless you have success at one of the "painless" methods described below. It is important to realise that dependence and addiction are two separate things.

Dependence is the need to take the drug to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, and addiction is the obsessive and compulsive use of a substance to the exclusion of other aspects of life and in particular relationships with others.

All most detoxes will do is break the dependence on opiates. The detox per se will not help with the addiction, but is an essential first step. I think having some clear idea of why you want to detox is helpful. Self-motivation is all but vital.

Other Options?

The other options are fairly limited, essentially carry on using the drugs you are using, or get a substitute prescription, usually methadone or buprenorphine if you are using illegal or street drugs. For some, the normalization of a chaotic life this can provide is beneficial, but for others it is a long-term trap, where there is little motivation to ever finally quit.