Spirituality, religion and addiction

the connection between spiritual beliefs on addiction recovery are new to me. While relevant to the topic there wasn’t anything in the article that already didn’t know or suspect. I do see some posters bashing those who believe in a higher power. They often proclaim themselves as atheist. No one I have since responds to bash them. I think this article points out the importance for some to include spirituality in there posts. Others may ignore this as they are as fixed in their belief as the other. As long as the post doesn’t go on & on about their chosen religion and sticks to brief exclamations. Such as God bless or I’m praying for you. I don’t see the harm to either. I have seen one in particular that responded what does God have to do with it? For some it has everything to do with it. Our recovery from drug addiction is one of the most important things. This is not a religious forum and the important part of this is not offend others or shame anyone away from a harm reduction.