My own view is no; ideally not. Stimulant use is utterly contraindicated, as although it might temporarily relieve the stress and boredom, the comedown and/or anxiety will seek a natural resolution in opiate use.

Alcohol is for the most part a no-no, as it lowers inhibitions and consequently resolve. A hangover is also not a good thing to add to a withdrawal.

I think marijuana is something that does help certain people. If you have any tendency to paranoia, avoid it. I would personally advocate a period of total abstinence from all drugs, even if that is not your ultimate aim. The reason for this is not ideological, rather that for most people with addictive personalities, removing opiates will lead to other "addictive" behaviours, and the most natural ones are excessive drinking or other drug use.

Addiction/dependence is not simply physical. A break from all addictive behaviour is the best way to recover. From a more ideological perspective, I think it is a good thing to "try" some real clean time; get to know yourself in your psychological "birthday suit" as it were!
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