Chances are you're going to resort to more conventional means. The fact that there are so many tapering strategies rather than one definitive method lends credence to the idea that no one way is universally better. To get some idea of the complexity of the issue, the following meta-analysis in the document section runs to 219 pages, of which about 100 are relevant: PCSS Guidelines - Transfer from methadone to buprenorphine

In brief, there are 3 commonly used detox strategies; buprenorphine taper, methadone taper, and treatment with alpha-2 adrenergic agonists, principally lofexidine and clonidine, although alpha-2 adrenergic agonists can be combined with a taper, particularly at the end. Of course, one can in principal do a taper off heroin or any other opiate, How quickly you should taper is dependent very much on your psychology, i.e. determination, ability to endure suffering and also on the amount you are using and the length of time you've been using. I refer anyone to the above link for details, but there is no clear answer to what is "best practice". Lofexidine is preferable to clonidine, especially in a home-detox setting, as it does not cause low blood-pressure. Although one study (I don't have details to hand) suggested transitioning to buprenorphine made for a better detox, other studies seem to say there is little difference between coming off buprenorphine and methadone. One study suggested that a 7 day taper on buprenorphine was better than a 28 day one.

So, from here on in, I shall be guided by my reading, but I shall be more guided my own "clinical instincts" (which, as I am no medical doctor, you shall have to take with a pinch of salt). I suggest that anyone with strong views should use their own "clinical instincts" to manage their own detox. We are all ultimately the best judge of what we might need, and what we feel we can cope with.

I am now going to suggest some actual detoxes. If you are on other opiates, especially weaker ones like codeine, it might be impractical or impossible (due to availability) to switch to methadone, but the detox principles will generalise across other opiates. Doing a detox is much harder with street drugs where one doesn't know the purity. It is advisable to try to switch to something of known quality. Please read the caveat on clonidine that follows the description of the tapers if you choose to use it. I shall begin with "bare bones" descriptions of tapers available. Then I shall provide "accessories" (think of me as your fashion guide [on second thoughts don't, unless you want to look a mess]!) , i.e. adjunct medications and supplements which can be added to the basic taper. We shall of course address the issue of benzodiazepines, inter alia, at this point.