Although lofexidine is approved for home detox, clonidine is not. The main reason is that clonidine is a hypotensive (it lowers blood pressure). It is a very good idea to invest in a blood-pressure monitor and to miss a dose of clonidine if your blood pressure falls below 90/60 [These are APA guidelines].

Be very careful getting up from a bath, and ideally have someone with you at all times, or regularly checking on you if that is not possible. Also monitor your blood pressure as you come off the clonidine, as rebound hypertension (high blood pressure) is possible.

If your blood pressure is unusually high, do not reduce the clonidine dose until it returns to a more normal level. I have included a fairly high dose of clonidine in the above tapers. For small habits, 6 or even 4 pills a day might suffice. One downside of clonidine is that it can sap your energy.

Although I'd always suggest a helper to assist with any withdrawal, a helper would be especially encouraged for a withdrawal involving clonidine. At the very least, prepare by stocking up on food, any supplements you might want, etc.