Although there are many different opiates and opioids (I shall abuse notation and lump them together under the single term opiates), all can lead to addiction and dependence. I shall discuss in this post the most common methods used to come off these drugs, and outline some specific detoxes. Let me add at this point that many of the drugs referred to are prescription only, and you are advised to see a doctor as with any drugs there are possible side-effects and dangers. If you proceed to follow any advice given it is imperative that you do you research. Harm reduction advice notwithstanding, there are many people who undergo successful home detoxes without medical intervention.

  1. Do you want to detox? Why do you want to detox? What should you expect?
  2. Other Options?
  3. Detox Methods.
  4. Ibogaine.
  5. Rapid/Ultra-Rapid Opiate Detox.
  6. More conventional opiate Detoxes for Home Use.
  7. Long taper from Opiates.
  8. Taper with a switch to buprenorphine.
  9. Fairly quick taper.
  10. Very rapid taper.
  11. Cold Turkey detox.
  12. Clonidine caveat.
  13. Why 5 days in the slow taper?
  14. Should I drink or smoke marijuana or take other drugs when I detox?
  15. Adjunct medications and supplements.
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